• This work of art was made by Bom.k from the group of street-artist « Da Mental Vaporz”. It’s a mural made on one the walls of “Galerie Itinerrance” () Avenue de France.

    We can see a protective gear for baseball which seems screwed on a big skull, several teeth are missing, and the skull is a bit chipped. The middle top of the head is lighting while the sides are darker. The artwork is really realistic and beautiful, that’s principally the reasons why we chose this artwork.

    First, let’s talk about the protective gear. In the field of baseball, it’s used to protect the players. But there, we are not sure if this is a player’s head, so we can interpret it just like a simple defense system.

    Plus, like we said before, this gear is screwed on the skull, which is like connecting the defense and the brain, and let we think that the gear is created by the brain.

    Finally, if we look at the skull in details, we understand that it’s not a teenager’s, and looks like an old people’s skull. So, it can mean that the sort of protective gear that our brain builds will follow us until our death. In conclusion, we think that it can be a sort of metaphor to show us the defense we create by ourselves from our birth, and which follow us our whole life.


    Then we are going to give our opinion

    Jade’s: I’m completely fond of this graffiti, because like we said before, I find it beautiful and I admire the artist’s work, the coloring is really amazing! I can’t tell how Bom.k did it, if he used stencils plus spray paints or something else, anyway this is just awesome. 

    Hélène’s: I don’t specially like this artwork because I think it’s too ordinary, colorless and quite empty. I prefer painting which have bright colors, and which makes us happy. But I still chose this

    graffiti because the hidden meaning is more or less interesting.



    Jade and Hélène

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