• This artwork is called "Tourbillon monumental ". It was made by Pantonio in 2014 and he painted it on the facade of a building in the thirteenth district of Paris.

    We chose this mural because we think that it's a very nice artwork and the fish on this piece are well painted. 

    Plus, these fish were not chosen by chance by the artist, they represent wealth and luck; 

    Indeed the fish is a symbol that we can find everywhere in the Chinese culture whose large community lives in this district.

    So on this mural we decided to add some trash like bottles, plastics bags, cans to denounce people who pollute by throwing their waste on the ground which can be animals.

    More and more, oceans are being polluted by humans.

    Paris 13°: Tourbillon monumental, Pantonio | www.street-art-… | Flickr

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