This artwork can be seen on a wall in PARIS 13ème  on Boulevard Vincent Auriol.


    It’s called  « the boy in the rainbow » and was made in 2017. 


    We can see a boy who is looking at a rainbow. I think the message behind the artwork is that life is beautiful and I think he says we should enjoy life. 


    The artwork is made of blue,purple,red,orange,yellow,grey and black as the rainbow. 


    I like this mural because the drawing is very beautiful.I find it colorful.


    It makes feel very happy and pleased.  















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    This is the picture we took and then edited on the phone.

    The original street art can be found in the beginning of the A6 highway, in the south of Paris.

    On the original piece is a street art, made in mosaic,  we can see 5 characters in different colors, they look like they are from one of those retro video games, like space invaders or Pac man. 

    The artist is the same person who did all of the « pixel art» of space invader, in Paris. I find it really funny to find and spot them. 

    We chose this picture because , even if it's really simple, it's really colorful and funny to see, Retro games characters are quite charming. 

    We also can see this as a way to express that video games have become such a big part of our lives in the past few decades, almost everyone has played a video game in their life, it's has become a part of us.















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    Butterfly by Adam






















    It’s a stencil painted by an anonymous artist. We found it next to a hospital in the Avenue de Choisy. We chose this piece of artwork because it is next to our home and we think this butterfly is beautiful. We find it very realistic. We decided to change the colours in black and white. We wanted to represent sadness and hope that flies away.


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