• This piece of art is called "Le Castor" ( The beaver )  and it was made by Bordalo II. It can be seen in the thirteenth district of Paris in the Chevaleret Street. It was made with recycled garbage. It shows a beaver eating a leaf. It was done in 2018 with the help of Borondo and SatOne.



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  • This piture is a stencil by Zabou that shows a little boy who is putting his finger in his nose. This stencil can be seen in the 13 borough of Paris. The message behind this picture can be the bad treatment of children because the colors of the stencil are black and white. I like this picture because the kid is really cute and he looks kind.

    Sasha, Mathis et Valentino

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  • We found this street art on a wall next to our school. We chose this graffiti because it is interesting and makes us think about nature and how women used to be treated.

    In this piece of art, we can see a woman who is wearing a leaf hat and clothes. She has a sad expression and apparently, she is asking for help. This expression gives us some ideas about changing this artwork. We decided to put a passer-by to help this woman. In our scenario, this passer-by is giving a flower to this woman to make her happier.











    anthony julia

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  • We chose this artwork by David de la Mano, a Spanish artist. We found it in the 13 district "rue Jenner" in Paris. On this painting we can see a face made with many men and some of them have dog faces, bird faces. We can see a man with a long nose, a clown hat, all the men have burnt flags in their hands. We can even see little men and one of them is a devil.

    We took this one because we find it really interesting with a lot of details. 







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  • Street art 

    This piece of artwork can be seen on a wall, in 59 rue Clisson, in the 13th district of Paris. It has been made by the Italian artist Fabio Rieti. 

    We were searching for a good street art on the Internet, when we found this one. It immediatly inspired us, we knew exactly what we wanted to do with it. Our little group went on an adventure in Paris first to find this street art, and then we looked for a white wall. Once we found a wall, we had a little " photoshoot " : each of us made two or three poses. After that, we had fun and took some more pictures of other street artworks.

    Lianne then used Photoshop to add us on the original picture of the artwork.




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