• We take a picture of a mural by Shepard Fairey in the Jeanne d'Arc Street. It represents the Eiffel Tower underneath the planet and the Statue of Liberty above.


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  • I will present you a famous painting by Banksy . 

    On the right of the tag, there is a robot with a can of spray paint, which is painting a barcode. The tag is black and grey, there are not colors, it’s sad.           I think Banksy used a can of spray paint to draw his robot on the wall, like the robot to draw his barcode.  

    According to me, it’s funny and he might denounce the technology which is too invasive. It’s not silly. Maybe it’s a critique of society and its standardization. 

    I’m impressed by the tag, it’s very interesting because in all these tags, he wants to send a message or send something. I loved it. 


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    Banksy has made a piece of art work on a wall. It was made with a stencil. 

    At the bottom, I can see a little girl under a sentence saying  «No future» written in red. She’s holding the « O » of « NO » like a balloon because the little girl holding a wire connected to a balloon. She looks alone and lost. It’ s an artists’ expression. But normally, the children holding a balloon is happy and not sad. 

    I think this image is against the poverty and shows that there are people without a future.  

    This art work is not bad but I think it’s so sad  because this little girl has no future because she doesn’t have the money to go to school. I choose this piece because I think it’s really sad so this allows children to enjoy the school and to work well.  


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  • Résultat de recherche d'images pour "flower thrower banksy"

    This work is called Flower Thrower,was made by Banksy in 2003 in Jerusalem. 

     In this work we can see a man who holds flowers and he is ready  for throw them like a grenade. I think the message of Banksy in this work is « Don’t do war. », this work denounces the violence and war. The technique used is stencil and paint. I think maybe the work was done in Jerusalem  because in Jerusalem is many war. 

    I quite like this work because it is not amazing but I like the message of Banksy. 

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  • Le 20 mars 2017, nous élèves de troisième avons fait la rencontre du maire du 13e arrondissement. 

    La mairie ne paye aucun artiste, elle collabore avec plusieurs artistes comme Obey qui a réalisé trois œuvres dans le 13e arrondissement. L’ œuvre préférée du maire est celle qui a été réalisée récemment dans le 13e . Pour lui , le street art s’agit d’un mouvement pictural qui va marquer le 21e  siècle. Le street art était déjà présent avant qu’il soit maire. Le maire nous avait annoncé qu’une nouvelle œuvre allait être réalisée au Boulevard Vincent –Auriol. Il est aussi possible de faire du street art nous même en allant à des ateliers d’associations, c’est très bénéfique,culturel,ça marche sur le plan touristique. Les visites sont organisées  dans différentes langues. 

     Isabelle, Hadade

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