• The graffiti I will presente to you is a tag made by Banksy with a stencil, whose name is « Spy Booth ». It was made in April 2014 in England but it was destroyed in August 2016.

    On the tag we can see three men who hold microphones and listen a phone booth. Banksy has used the phone booth in his graffiti.

    I think that through his tag he wants to denounce the  massive surveillance in the world.

    I don’t like this tag because I don’t appreciate this style of art. 


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  • The work of art that I choose is « The flower thrower », which was made by Bansky in 2003, in Jerusalem. It’s perhaps one of the most famous pieces produced by Banksy. The piece was painted with a stencil and cans of spray paint. « The flower thrower » is a young man, maybe a teenager. We are not sure about his age because he wears a scarf covering most of his face. He also wears a backwards cap, and looks like a delinquent. The young man is holding a bunch of flowers, ready to throw it. He takes a run-up, to throw the flowers as far as he can. The whole piece is painted in black and white color, except the bunch of flowers. In this way,the bunch of flowers is plain to see. The artist doesn’t want weapons and violence in our lives. The teenager is holding flowers instead of a bomb. Moreover, the fact that the artist drew the artwork in Palestine, who was in conflict with  Israel, his message made even more sense. He expects a peaceful world. And he tried to pass the message of peace through the street art to as many people as possible. 



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  • This is a work of art made by Banksy. Banksy has used stencil for his painting and the title is: Clacton-on-sea. 
    On this painting, we can see a line at the left pigeons who take up banners and at their right there is a swallow . On the banners we can see some messages like “migrants not welcome” or “go back to Africa”. At the top, on the right there is a sewer outlet. The painting is dark , there is only one colour



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  • I will present you a work of street art; Steve Jobs.

    Steve Wozinak and Ronald Wayne created Apple on 1st April 1976 in Cupertino, 
    Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California.



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  • This artwork was made by Banksy in 2012 in England before the Olympic games. 
    The work shows a hooded man in black and grey running away with a red Olympic ring in his hand. The four remaining Olympic rings are blue, yellow, black, and green. The man is hooded because what he does is illegal - it’s vandalism.



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