• Edouard's and Fabrice's street art

    Good morning everyone, today we will present a work which was made for the association "Vie Ton Rêve" that we modified. We can see this artwork in the 13 district of Paris at the crossing of the street Françoise Dolto and the street Marie-Louise Dubreuil-Jacotin . We were on the Internet looking for an artwork when all of a sudden we came across this work that inspired us a lot. In this picture, we can see a sad wounded child pointing a knife at himself. We can also see several injuries and blood on his body. This image denounces school harassment and its consequences. We agree with what this work says, bullying can lead to terrible consequences (suicide, trauma, depression...) and can affect people from a very young age. We found this artwork really interesting and we liked it. Thank you for reading!


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