• Happiness by Jessica, Baris, Adrien and Jude

    This document is a painting and it is untitled.

    It was painted by the spanish artist David de la Mano in 2015. It is about 20 meters by 10 meters. It can be seen in Paris in the 13th district, in Jenner street.

    We can see someone in profile and behind him, a lot of fantastic and odd characters which are mixing up with the profile. The whole painting is black. The artist has painted a mural which shows human society. We have chosen this painting because we wanted to put funny pictures of us to bring some happiness into this sad and drab drawing. We think that human society is boring but that we can make this society happier by being different.

    We also loved making the photomontage. It was very amusing to strike poses and then put ourselves into the painting.

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