• High city

    Anne - Lucie - Luce 


    This graffiti is on a wall in the Butte-aux-Cailles in the 13th district of Paris. It was made in 2014 by French artists Seth and Jace.

    We have chosen this artwork because it is moving and pretty, it is damaged and the heads are gone .

     That’s what it looked like when it was done in May 2014.

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     Luce, on the left is sitting like the girl in the original graffiti and looking in the same direction. She’s wearing  a pink sweatshirt like the girl on the drawing.

    Anne, in the middle is holding onto a street lamp. She’s dressed in grey like the building.

    Lucie, on the right is on a skateboard because it’s one of the symbol of the street art culture. She is pretending to stand on the building. She’s wearing a blue sweatshirt like the boy on the drawing.

    There are a lot of works in the 13th district in Paris, and several painted by Seth.

    We like street art because all the people can express themselves.

    The 13th district in Paris may not be the most beautiful but thanks to street art it’s more lively and more colorful.


    We chose a title for this graffiti, Paris is the city which makes you high


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