• "Les gilets jaunes triomphent" by Khoudiedji

    I'm standing in front of a graffiti which was created on February 24, 2019 by a group of 30 artists from the "gilets jaunes" in the  Poterne des peupliers street.

    It is part of a mural that denounces police brutality during the demonstrations of the gilets jaunes in Paris. 
    The gilets jaunes have been demonstrating every Saturday for several months. 
    On the right of the picture, I tried to stage myself and pretended to be demonstrating with the "gilets jaunes". On the left, the security forces are pointing their Flash-Ball on us and behind, we see "l'arc de Triomphe". 
    At the top, we can read "Les gilets jaunes triomphent". 
    I chose to pose with this graffiti because it is a hot topic which interests me a lot. 
    It delivers a strong political message and it's a beautiful piece of artwork.


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