• Looking for Mario...

    Ambre - Angélique - Cécile 

    Looking for Mario...

    The artwork we chose can be seen near the place Paul Verlaine, in the Butte aux Cailles.

    The Butte aux Cailles is a district of Paris which is famous for street art and its great atmosphere.

    It covers the wall of a building.

    On this picture, we added Cécile on a ladder and Amber is making a barrel fall into a hole.


    It shows that we are ready to do everything to rise in society like in a video game, or to get somebody’s heart.

    The ones that are at the bottom are losing, and the others are doing everything in their power to stop them.

    The ones that are at the top are: a beast who has control with a handle, and a princess who is wearing a crown.

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