• Maurice visits his old friends by Anthony, Yann, Madou and Hugo

    Maurice the fish
























    Today we would like to present you our art project : its name is “Maurice visits his old friends”


    The original artwork is located on the avenue of Choisy in Paris XIII.


    The name of the piece of artwork is the “Tourbillon Mounumental” and was created by the Portuguese artist Pantonio in 2014.


    This mural represents many blue fish in a fish net.


    We chose this painting because it was in relation to Maurice the fish. 


    In the foreground on the left there is Maurice in a glass of wine filled with water and in the background, we can see the artwork of the famous urban artist Pantonio.


    We put Maurice in a glass of wine for more aesthetic and with the water reflection you can see the fish of the painting .


    Our artwork denounces the fact than fish are being captured like in the painting to be sold for people to be eaten or to be used as a pet.


    So our message is : let fish in the sea !


    Thanks for your attention and hope you appreciate our artwork 


    (No animal was mistreated during this photo shooting !) 


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