• Rising waters by Mila, Jules and Laurent






















    In this picture we wanted to represent ourselves trying to escape from the rise of water. We tried to be on the photo by doing a photo collage, which was very difficult to do.


    On this mural, we can see the sea or the ocean destroying cities. There are two wheels that look like boats with a factory on each of them. We can also see ruins of the old cities destroyed by the water. Laurent is trying to save his life by standing on these ruins. At the bottom, Jules is drowning, and at the top Mila and Jules are on a boat trying not to fall in the water by holding their hands.


    The artist might want to show people that global warming will cause the rise of water and destroy everything on Earth. He could think that everything will be this way if we don’t do anything. By this piece of artwork, he could also denounce the fact that humans know that they are slowly « killing » themselves but that they do it anyway, and they save factories before humanity.


    We chose this picture because we thought the message we interpreted was beautiful, meaningful and powerful. Through this artwork, the artist can make people of all ages aware of global warming and the danger that it represents for them.




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