• Rose vs leek

    Jacques - Yann


    We have taken this photo near Gabriel Fauré middle school. We can see Yann holding a leek in front of C215’s street artwork.

    C215 is the nickname of Christian Guémy, who works and lives in Vitry-sur-Seine, France. His favorite subjects are childhood, lovers and animals


    Rose vs leek





    We chosen this mural because we really like it and it’s beautiful but we also wanted to show a leek can be beautiful too. Beside the leek, there is a rose, that’s why we entitled this photo “Rose vs. Leek”. The rose is the symbol of England and the leek is the symbol of Wales.


    But, that’s not all. We chose a leek because many people are despising leeks, maybe these people think leeks aren’t beautiful. But we doubt it. We wanted to show everything can have its beautiful side. The rose is the symbol of  beauty. So  a leek can be a beautiful thing. It just depends on the point of view.  For example, I love toads. Do you love them? No? So you understood my advice. And you can say to me: “It’s a comparaison of an ugly thing with a beautiful thing?" Not really.  


    Finally, we also wanted to express that school is a wonderful place to express ourselves.






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