• Save the oceans to save the planet by Christophe, Maxime, Eric and Thomas





































     It's an artwork painted by the Portuguese artist Pantonio in the district 13 of Paris.

     He painted it in 2014. 

    In the middle of the artwork, there is a green fish net and around it there is a lot of blue fish which are swimming. We added some waste to this artwork in the ocean, like plastic bottles and bags. 

    We have chosen to add waste to this artwork to denounce the ocean pollution which affects fish and the diversity of the ocean. There is a lot of waste in the ocean and it's a real problem. We also want to criticize industries which don’t respect the environment and which dump their waste in the ocean in particular all of the plastic waste. We have to use less plastic !

      For us, it’s a really meaningful piece of artwork because it makes people think about pollution and the use of plastic. It’s also a nice way to « educate » people and make them more eco-friendly.

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