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    The picture we can see is a picture of street art , the artist who drew it in 2006 is Banksy . The title of the picture is « seen »  

    On the left and one the right we can see policemen who try to catch the graffiti . The clothes of the policemen are black and the letters of the graffiti are yellow . We think the black  color is dark and worrying whereas the yellow looks  more friendly .                                                  

    We think the graffiti represents policemen who try to stop street art but we can also see the graffiti envelops the policeman . So we think the picture represent the fight between the street art and justice  

    Emilie’s  feeling(s) : «  I like it , I find the picture the picture of this graffiti is beautiful because street art fights of its liberty » Benjamin,Sophie and yisheng quite like the picture because they didn’t really like the style of street art  .   

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