• The New Gioconda by Noa and Emeline

    The New by Noa and Emeline





























    « The New Gianconda" is an artwork created by the artist Okuda in 2017.


    50 meters high and 15 wide, it is on a 19 floor building tower at 7 place de Vénétie and is visible from avenue d 'Ivry (metro station Porte d'Ivry).


    It represents Mona Lisa in a very colorful version, composed of geometric shapes and in a surrealist style.


    We  chose this work because the colors are vibrant, which makes the Mona Lisa very modern, like the fact that she carries a handbag. It also attracted our attention because it could illustrate any woman of our time going shopping. It contrasts completly  with the original work , where colors are dull and the character seems sad and passive.









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