• The photographer by Ferdiand

    This painting was created by Jana and JS. They are husband and wife and they have been painting together since 2006.

    They use stencils for their artworks based on their personal photographic works.
    This painting is a portrait which represents a photographer who is taking a picture with his camera in front of him.

    He's tall and he's standing up. He has a blue jacket, a pink shirt and grey trousers, but no shoes.
    The photographer looks focused because his left eye is closed.
    I think that the artists want people to remember how important the work of photographer is, because when you are a photographer, you may take risks to inform other people. 
    Jana and JS may also want to show that there are many things to see around us.
    Furthermore, as the photographer is watching us, this feeling of being photographed makes us important, and as everyone may have the same feeling, it could show that all people are equally important. 
    Last, but not least, I appreciate this painting because the young man on the painting is really cute! 

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