• The war effect by Samuel, Aimee and Kaili

    The war effect by Samuel, Aimee and Kaili






























     We chose this artwork made by the artist D Face.


    The artwork is located at the Vincent Auriol boulevard.


    On this painting we can see a man holding a woman. The man has an army uniform  on, the woman has a red dress. The man looks like he’s dead because his skin is dark green and he doesn’t have eyes. By looking at the man we can assume that he died in the war as a soldier, and the woman is his girlfriend or his wife that he left at home.


    We think that this picture represents love relationships that were broken during world war II (because they are dressed like in the 40’s). We decided to add war planes and war helicopters because we wanted to accentuate the « war feeling ». We also changed the building. It was originally on because Samuel hated the original building.










































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