• Video games by Oceane and Isabelle

















    This is the picture we took and then edited on the phone.

    The original street art can be found in the beginning of the A6 highway, in the south of Paris.

    On the original piece is a street art, made in mosaic,  we can see 5 characters in different colors, they look like they are from one of those retro video games, like space invaders or Pac man. 

    The artist is the same person who did all of the « pixel art» of space invader, in Paris. I find it really funny to find and spot them. 

    We chose this picture because , even if it's really simple, it's really colorful and funny to see, Retro games characters are quite charming. 

    We also can see this as a way to express that video games have become such a big part of our lives in the past few decades, almost everyone has played a video game in their life, it's has become a part of us.















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