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    There is a stormtrooper who changed the name « Star Wars » to « Stop Wars » in red. The  

    stormtrooper is carrying a bucket and a brush. He is trying to convey a message to stop war in the  

    world because too many die because of wars.There are only three colours : the red , the black and     

     the white.  The red mean the blood of every people who died , the black , the dark side and the     

     sadness of the war and the white mean hope , peace and truth.  


    To conclude this work of art is a message to the world to stop war because it hurts people when they   

     lose someone of their family or friends.  


    For Jimmy the stormtrooper lost someone he loved and wants to stop the war. 

    For Enzo this work of art is simple because Banksy has just remplaced the A and the R of Star by A O  

     and A P to make Stop.  

    For Teo it’s sad because it represent death and blood , it could be exposed in a museum because it    

    hangs on a wall. 

     For Victor , it’s a very simple but amazing work of art because a little change can  modify everything . 

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