• This graffiti is made by Shepard Fairey in 2015 for the cop 21 you can find it in the 13 district of Paris and it's called "delicate balance".

    At the bottom, you can see the Eiffel tower which supports the earth encircled by a large flower.

    In the flower we can see fire and 3 disastrous landscapes in the petals of the flower.

    This graffiti could denounce the pollution created by humans that  will create disasters in the future.

    We have added a watering can to say that we have to take care of our planet and stop creating pollution to be able to prevent disasters.

    We have chosen a watering can because in the graffiti the earth is represented by a big flower and toDelicate balance by Eleonore, Sylvain, Augustin and Adam take care of a flower we have to use a watering can.


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  • Nina's bubble gum














    «Nina fait des bulles» is a fresco painted in June 2014 in 


    front of 159 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, in Paris by Christian Guémy whose nickname is C215.


    It's a portrait of a girl who is doing a blue chewing gum bubble.


    It seems like the girl is looking at us, her face is white with some little blue paint stains.


    The background is colorful: there's blue, yellow and green but red is dominant. 


    The picture must express the artist's love for his daughter, Nina. He and his daughter's mother seperated and since that he didn't live with his daughter anymore, he missed her very much. Maybe he painted Nina's portrait to show how much he missed her, to create a bond with her or to fill the void of her absence.


    We like this artwork because it's colorful and it moves our hearts to understand the love of the artist for his daughter.







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  • The old man by Wekil and Lionel














    This piece of artwork can be seen on a wall, on avenue de Choisy. It was painted by C215. 


    This artist painted a lot of other graffiti and murals on buildings in the thirteenth district in Paris. 


    We put a teenager playing with his phone because we wanted to condemn teens who are not paying attention to their grandparents because they are addicted to social networks. The old man's tear represents the sadness of the old generation towards new technologies and the neglect of their grandchildren. 


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    Hello! I chose this mural because it is close to my home. It is located on the avenue de Choisy but also because it is very significant. We see a lot of blue fish in a net and only one small yellow fish which is therefore different from the others which must surely be difficult but it manages to pass between the nets. This could be a message for people who are treated differently because of their disability, sexual orientation or their culture. 

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    On this piece of artwork we can see a ship in the sky on which there is kind of modern city. 

    The landscape is colorful and the city seems to be in a festive spirit as one can see by the colorful flag in front of the ship. 

    This city must worship animals since we can see animal with a crown walking in front of the ship and following the king we can see a rooster. 

    The artist may want to represent Noah's ark. We love this work because it's colorful. 

    It might be a way of expressing what the future could be like. 

    We find it very imaginative and very creative. 

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