It's an artwork painted by the Portuguese artist Pantonio in the district 13 of Paris.

     He painted it in 2014. 

    In the middle of the artwork, there is a green fish net and around it there is a lot of blue fish which are swimming. We added some waste to this artwork in the ocean, like plastic bottles and bags. 

    We have chosen to add waste to this artwork to denounce the ocean pollution which affects fish and the diversity of the ocean. There is a lot of waste in the ocean and it's a real problem. We also want to criticize industries which don’t respect the environment and which dump their waste in the ocean in particular all of the plastic waste. We have to use less plastic !

      For us, it’s a really meaningful piece of artwork because it makes people think about pollution and the use of plastic. It’s also a nice way to « educate » people and make them more eco-friendly.

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  • The war effect by Samuel, Aimee and Kaili






























     We chose this artwork made by the artist D Face.


    The artwork is located at the Vincent Auriol boulevard.


    On this painting we can see a man holding a woman. The man has an army uniform  on, the woman has a red dress. The man looks like he’s dead because his skin is dark green and he doesn’t have eyes. By looking at the man we can assume that he died in the war as a soldier, and the woman is his girlfriend or his wife that he left at home.


    We think that this picture represents love relationships that were broken during world war II (because they are dressed like in the 40’s). We decided to add war planes and war helicopters because we wanted to accentuate the « war feeling ». We also changed the building. It was originally on because Samuel hated the original building.










































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  • The New by Noa and Emeline





























    « The New Gianconda" is an artwork created by the artist Okuda in 2017.


    50 meters high and 15 wide, it is on a 19 floor building tower at 7 place de Vénétie and is visible from avenue d 'Ivry (metro station Porte d'Ivry).


    It represents Mona Lisa in a very colorful version, composed of geometric shapes and in a surrealist style.


    We  chose this work because the colors are vibrant, which makes the Mona Lisa very modern, like the fact that she carries a handbag. It also attracted our attention because it could illustrate any woman of our time going shopping. It contrasts completly  with the original work , where colors are dull and the character seems sad and passive.









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  • Mona lisa





























        The New Mona Lisa is a street-art work painted by Okuda in the thirteenth district of Paris in June 2017 on a building located in the Chinese district. Okuda is a famous Spanish street artist.     


        First of all, this mural is impressive because of its size. This work is 50 meters high and 15 meters wide. This monumental project lasted a year but it was drawn in four days. It is in the middle of dull towers so the painting illuminates the grey surrounding. The artwork gives colors and cheerfulness to the city.


         The mural represents a futuristic vision of a modern and multicultural Mona Lisa. The woman is painted as a whole so we can see her entire body. She is huge, she looks like a goddess and her head is surrounded by stars. The artwork is very bright and the woman is made of geometric shapes. She is wearing soft and colorful clothes. She has the same position and enigmatic look as da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. A little bird is standing on her shoulder and she is carrying a luxury handbag. In the background we can see a landscape with some trees and tents. The woman is standing in puddles of fresh paint.


         Okuda may want to celebrate French culture. The City of Paris and the Mona Lisa are closely linked. Moreover the bag must represent luxury and fashion and may show that Paris is the capital of elegance. Okuda may also celebrate the multicultural background and the diversity of the population of Paris. The multi-cultural-skinned woman is illustrated by different types of colorful fabric from dots and stripes. The American flag and the African zebra hair could represent different parts of the world.


    We appreciate this mural because of the brightness it gives to the neighborhood. It expresses joy and energy. We find it beautiful and vivid.

































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    the spying cat 

























    This work painted by Christian Guémi in the 13th district of Paris on a building.


      In this work, we can see a blue cat looking at the horizon and the artist's logo in the upper left corner, all drawn on a blue background.


      We chose to add the earth because the cat is like the government that sees everything. It represents the government that is spying on us. We want to denounce that!










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