• Be who you want to be















    Hello ! So here is our street artwork. We find this artwork during a stroll, at the Poterne des peupliers. We chose it because it's colorful and we immediately found a message.


    On this street art we can see a character who is hiding behind a wall and looks shy.


    The message we find is that you have to be proud of yourself and be who you want to be.


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  • Peace and Love by Lucie, Lina, Colline and Lola






























    It’s a new mural created by French artist Julien Malland aka Seth Globepainter in 2016. You can see this artwork at Rue Jeanne d’Arc/Boulevard Vincent Auriol. We have chosen this painting because it’s a really colorful one. It is also really smart because of the trompe-l’oeil. In the background, there is a rainbow and in the foreground, there is a young boy who is looking at it. We added 2 girls who are kissing and in front of them, 2 other girls are making a heart shape with their hands. It’s to represent LGBT community because in the photo there is a rainbow, which is the symbol of LGBT fight for equality. We think everybody should be allowed to choose their own way without being insulted and discriminated against. In this painting,  the little boy may be questioning his own sexuality. It’s not because his parents must be straight that he has to be like them. That’s what we think anyway. We must accept the others without violence and live together in harmony. PEACE AND LOVE!


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  • Embrace and Struggle by Elodie

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    The orignal work is located in the district of the Butte aux cailles in the thirtheenth borough of Paris. It was created by Julien Malland, better known by the pseudonym « Seth ».


    I chose this photo because I really like the paradox between the boy’s universe and the girl’s universe.


    The image of the boy is reversed compared to that of the girl. It’s like they are looking at each other in a mirror.


    The two children are swaying. They are holding the lamppost and from a different angle, we don’t know if they are holding the lamppost in the street or the lamppost drawn on the wall.


    I don't know what message the author wants to deliver. However I find it nice and colorful.





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  • Maurice the fish
























    Today we would like to present you our art project : its name is “Maurice visits his old friends”


    The original artwork is located on the avenue of Choisy in Paris XIII.


    The name of the piece of artwork is the “Tourbillon Mounumental” and was created by the Portuguese artist Pantonio in 2014.


    This mural represents many blue fish in a fish net.


    We chose this painting because it was in relation to Maurice the fish. 


    In the foreground on the left there is Maurice in a glass of wine filled with water and in the background, we can see the artwork of the famous urban artist Pantonio.


    We put Maurice in a glass of wine for more aesthetic and with the water reflection you can see the fish of the painting .


    Our artwork denounces the fact than fish are being captured like in the painting to be sold for people to be eaten or to be used as a pet.


    So our message is : let fish in the sea !


    Thanks for your attention and hope you appreciate our artwork 


    (No animal was mistreated during this photo shooting !) 


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