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    This is a tag. It was painted by Banksy in Stillwell and Neptune Avenue and it was painted the October 28th in New York.
    Banksy painted this tag with his spray.  

    In the middle, I can see a robot who painted with his spay a barcode and a little more up, there is a false pigeon who flying maybe he flees because he is afraid. In down there are a lot of true pigeons, they are not part in the tag. At the right, there is a true door but this door is close. The wall is beige, the robot and the pigeon are black and white and the barcode is black. There are holes in the wall. 

    I’m not satisfied of this tag because there are holes in the wall and it’s ugly. The robot is funny but I don’t like the colors, it’s colorless and dull. I’ve choose this tag because I like robots.


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