• The name of the street artist is Banksy . It was painted in 2010. The technique which was used is a can of spray paint; it was painted on the wall of a private property in England.

     A string links her hand to the letter”O” in the phrase “NO FUTURE”. The color of the letter is a dramatic red and the background is white.

    The message may be that the miseries ruin the future of young people.


    I dislike the graffiti because it’s disappointing, provocative.


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  • On this picture we can see a tiger and a barcode. It is a stencil and the title of this picture is « Barcode leopard tiger » . The drawing is in black and white. There is a barcode which can represent a cage. The tiger has escaped from the cage because the bars of the cage are twisted. I think the tiger  represents freedom and the cage represents slavery. I think the barcode means when you are in jail or when you are a slave you are a number for jailers and for slavers. It’s a well done work of art for me.


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