• Game spirit

    Victoria - Jenny - Lina - Julie











    We found this mural in the neighborhood of the “Butte aux cailles”, in the Moulinet’s street where we can find many murals.


    We chose this artwork which adds colours to the whole wall of the building because we found it funny and it looked like a vivid cartoon. One of our friends took this photo which shows Victoria on the left who is climbing a crane; Jenny in the middle who is climbing a ladder; Lina in the middle too but on the right who is carrying a bottle and Julie on the right who is pushing away a barrel.


    There’s also a meaning for us behind all these references to video games…


    Nowadays, the women are rising in society but there is still inequality and discrimination against women all around the world. In this picture, we can guess that some things might frighten us but that we are ready to fight any obstacles.





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