• If you repeat a lie...

    This stencil was made by Banksy in London, I can’t find the date.

     At the top, it reads « if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth ». Just below it, we can see a young girl who has turned the word « truth » into « politics ». All of the graffiti is black , apart from the word politics which is in red.

    In England - as in France -  a lot of people think that politicians are used to lie and to disonhour their pledges.  Moreover, you must know the famous saying « Truth comes out from children’s mouth ». So this painting raises awareness even more because of the denounced truth through the child’s writing. I think Banksy wanted to denounce the fact  that today, in our lifetime, every body is concerned about politics, even though children are too young, they also know about the political situation.


    I like this work of art because it shows us what Banksy thinks about politics, he is not trying to be a hypocrit, but I’m not fond of it.


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