• Mickael 's and Jimmy's street art

    Hello everyone, we are going to present our artwork. This artwork is a picture made by ourselves. I’m going to explain you how we took the picture. As we were going back home after finishing school, we saw this beautiful artwork on the wall of a building. We had the idea to take a picture for our presentation. We saw a bin so Jimmy put the bin in front of me to have the bin in the picture. 

    In the foreground we can see a bin. In the background we can see a blue sky with a big black smoke and many buildings. There is one building on which there is a mural of many fish. The blue sky with a lot of smoke represents for us a polluted ocean.

    Our message is that people should not throw away their waste in the ocean but in a bin. If we continue to do that we will pollute the ocean and kill the fish and we don’t think that’s right.


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