• Pulp Fiction

    This work of art was painted by Banksy, the title is “Pulp Fiction”. He was inspired by the movie Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarentino in 1994.

    On this work of art, I can see 2 famous men, they are Samuel Jackson and John Travolta. In their hands the bananas replaced the guns. The background is black, only the bananas are colored. The two men are in black and white too and they are wearing costumes. They are looking the same way and pointing the bananas. This work was painted with stencils, it’s a graffiti.

    I think Banksy wants to reproduce a scene of the movie (Pulp Fiction) in a funny way by replacing the guns with bananas.


    For me, this graffiti is not very interesting; It doesn’t really make sense to me. But it’s a good idea to replace the guns with bananas.

    Salif & Manar

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