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    This work of art called « seen » was made by Banksy in 2006 . We can see two policeman who are catching a yellow graffiti .

    Maybe , it was made in England because the hat they are wearing looks like The one on the English polices uniform . The letters are shining and look stronger than the two men . This work art’s meaning is that the police of the uk . Forbidden the street artists to express their feeling through their art , but despite the rules , they do it . 

    The yellow letters are lighter than the rest of the art , which makes them more important . 

    The scene looks like a battle between the policemen and the yellow graffiti . 

    One of us thinks it’s weird because there are two styles and doesn’t looks like a graffiti . Another one thinks that what rules are not respected . The third agrees with the graffiti - Everyone has their freedom to do what they want to do . And the last just thinks that it’s good that someone did a graffiti to show his feelings and how the rules are unfair.


    Jade, Jessica, Helene, Isabelle 

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